I get asked about RTP how does it affect play you gain play etc etc it’s quite interesting it’s complex in some cases but interesting well to me the end of the day we play slots but a lot of people know remarkably little about the product they’re purchasing and how it works so let me first start by saying thank you to all those who contributed to the affiliate thread in the last video including rock-and-roller who had the good grace to sort of correct a few assumptions and also tell us his perspective on it it is very interesting and it’s notable that the decent ones that come out and spoken and hopefully they will survive hopefully I’ll survive when the pressure comes to the UK GC on the affiliate programs and casinos. Learn more about player returns at CasinoSlots.

Hopefully they’ll realize that some of us do make every attempt to do it properly and long way it continues we can all have fun watching other people’s misery all joy it wins so yeah I’d like to thank you guys who contributed obviously a threat like that’s controversial you can attract trolls as one guy said don’t feed the trolls but to be fair a huge majority of comments so genuine everyone’s got their opinion and yeah gets a bit heated but at least people know the score now and obviously a second subject of what I deal with is the big time gaming bonuses at Cadell casinos now a couple of you reported that one you took the bonus at Cadell so I’ve gone the big time gaming slots you couldn’t play them only with your real money funds now it turns out this was an error it didn’t affect all accounts and all Cadell casinos but the big-time game is worth showing up when people have bonuses in there count the bonus funds which are based just an error they have not stocked btg games being played and no work nor are they intending to of that confirmation some of you got a 35 times wagering goodwill bonus because of it put in your accounts I’ve heard.

So they’ve been good about that so hopefully that straight of that one up and that error shouldn’t occur again I’ve never mislead you it worked in my account it worked in some people’s accounts but it didn’t work in others so obviously there’s always shit flying that I’ve misled people I hadn’t it was a genuine casino mistake so onto the main subject of this video which is RTP now it is a complex yet simple things I’m going to explain okay it all depends on what sort of slot you’re playing how important it is and I’m going to explain that now in the basic detail okay I’m going to make you a slot just imagine it it’s got nothing but zeros and 7s on the reels okay there’s six reels each with ten positions so therefore randomly tends to power of six there’s one million winning pot there’s one million possible combinations on that slot.