From the Rivers property in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, this is Poker Night in America. Hello and welcome to Poker Night in America. I’m Chris Hanson. By my side as always is Joe Stapleton. – Thank you Chris.

Today’s show is a case study in how you can win with any two cards as long as you get super lucky and Jen Tilly is there to pay you off. And we wrap up our in-depth interview with Jen. It’s everything you ever wanted to see about Jennifer Tilly that can’t be found on Mr.

Skin. – Is that web site still up and running, by the way? – [Chris] We continue day one here at Rivers Pittsburgh and the story is Shaun Deeb in seat five. Wow, that’s a lot of money. – [Joe] Shaun Deeb is gonna need a Netflix documentary to get him out of prison because he is murdering this game.

– [Chris] Poker Night in America, brought to you by Kimo Sabe. – I played a lot of hands poorly over the last decade. – Out of all the hands you played in the last decade, where would you rank this one?

Like 1,007? – [Shaun] Like 17,000, fourth hand I played. – [Chris] Dan Wolf, we will also call him Cletus throughout the night, raises with queen nine of spades. Don’t ask why.

– [Joe] You gotta be kidding me that the guy with hair like a lichen is named Wolf. I saw some animals outside with less hair than that guy, and they were actual wolves. – Makes me one for, I think, one for 13 now. – [Shaun] You won two hands, the kings and the nines.

– No no no, for calling three bets in the past two days. I’ll let you guys know. – [Shaun] The past two days? Other games don’t matter for this game.

– Those games are over buddy. – Okay well I’m oh for two in this game. – [Chris] Eldridge calls, so we’re heads up with Alec Torelli and Dave Eldridge. – The latest casino bonuses are so good in this game. – [Chris] Air for Eldridge. A pair of aces for Torelli on that flop.

1300 is the bet from Torelli. – [Joe] Top pair, good kicker, makes sense. – [Chris] A call for some reason from Eldridge.

– [Joe] Yeah, must mean he’s gonna try to take it away on the turn or river. Not sure why Torelli’s in the tank here. It seems like a pretty easy spot to take another bet or I guess you could check and try to get a river bet in. Either way, ace jack is gonna be the best hand here a lot and your opponent is rarely gonna have much equity. – [Chris] So Torelli checks, and this would be the opportunity that maybe Eldridge was looking for to bet and steal this pot. – Shaun, are we allowed to watch this live stream, or if somebody tells us?

– [Shaun] I mean we’ve usually been playing not doing it. – Oh, okay – [Shaun] I mean you get a hand, you tell someone that someone’s winning. – Okay, I didn’t know that.

Let me go tell em and I’ll be back. – No tell Shaun? (table chatter) – [Daniel] Do not tell me. – [Shaun] Maria kept getting, Hanson was like bitching at her. Oh, I’m like, stop that. Like it just… Everyone’s gotta do it or no one’s gotta do it, it just… – No I’m fine with it, I won’t… – [Jennifer] Everyone’s gotta do what?

– [Shaun] Not getting hands texted to them. – [Chris] Torelli calls, which is gonna confuse Eldridge. – [Joe] It means he’s just gonna have to bet again on the river. – [Chris] So the question is now, does Torelli bet, or does he check and let Eldridge bet? Well, Torelli does check, so let’s see what Eldridge does.

– [Jennifer] What? They’re gonna tell you you had what? – When you check raised me, I had nine ten. That’s what they’re gonna tell you.

– And what was on the flop? – I dunno, not nine ten. (laughter) – [Offscreen Player] We know he does like folding one pair, so he didn’t have a pair. – [Jack] I did have a gut shot.

– All In. – [Chris] And here is the bet from Eldridge. It’s 8,500, he’s all in. – [Joe] Aha!

Well I said Alec was looking at that check call but this is one bluff that might get through. – [Chris] And Torelli is gonna give it up? Wow.

Well played, Dave Eldridge! – You guys always know. – Alec always knows. Look at him over there, look at him.

– Yeah, I’m an official member. They said I would have to drive the trucks to the next location, but I knew they were just joking. I was an honorary member. – They just want more time with you, Jen.

They all want more time with you. – [Joe] I want more time with Jen. My VHS copy of Bound is completely worn out. – I was on Johnny Carson back in the eighties. That’s how old I am. – [Dave] Okay, you can just set it there.

– I’m sorry. – Oh no, that was a different story. (laughs) (laughter) No, I told this story at Johnny Carson. (laughter) – Think of a random love scene. – [Jennifer] I don’t even remember my hand.

Did I play this? I guess I did. – [Joe] I feel so bad that I didn’t get that joke that I’m just gonna focus on the poker for the rest of the hand. – [Chris] Jennifer flops up and down. – [Offscreen Player] That’s a great live one.

– Like, we’re all young enough we’re like, Johnny Carson, holy (beep) – [Chris] Deeb’s got a set of eight, so he’s in the lead. – [Joe] And poor Brady has top pair top kicker. Shaun with 76% of the equity five ways. – [Chris] 800 the bet from Deeb, call from Brady. – [Joe] Tough to get away from TPTK.

– [Chris] And that’s a call from Jennifer Tilly. So five becomes three as we go to the turn. – [Joe] Ah, Jennifer and Matt Brady both pick up flush draws. Brady’s the nut flush draw. – [Chris] He’s betting that draw – [Joe] He bets 1,800. – [Chris] Yeah.

– Did you bag chips in the tournament? Nice, nice. (offscreen question) 140, yeah. – [Joe] Still don’t see how Jen can’t call.

– [Chris] She does, over to Shaun Deeb. – [Joe] With Deeb in position, I think there’s a chance he raises. He also might figure a raise won’t get any folds anyway, and he might want to take the lower variance route which is to just call. – Rocha has chips, right? – [Chris] There’s the call from Deeb. – [Offscreen Player] hopefully he’s sleeping tonight.